When you start exercising without a personal trainer, you can easily make many mistakes from the very beginning. Before starting any activities, first find out everything and consult with a specialist in the field. He should help you choose the right exercises to suit you. Today I am going to introduce you to 6 wrongs committed by novices. 1. At the beginning, the first mistake is to skip the warm-up. Ahh why should I waste my strength warming up? I'd
Training advice Workout, at home or at the gym? What exercises to do? Here are some tips for beginner fit freaks: P 1. When to start training? When is the best time to exercise? I am in a hurry to answer some bothering questions. TODAY. Why should you start Monday or the new month? How you can start today. There is no more suitable moment. So take your four letters and go to work. I guarantee you will like it.


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