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14 June 2021

Supplements - what are they ?

What is supplementation?
In addition to the diet and a properly developed training plan, supplementation is the last component of the fat reduction process. At this stage, it's best to give up caloric gainers and replace the protein concentrate with a less caloric isolate. During the reduction, we can use various types of supplements whose task is to support the diet and help in stimulating the processes of burning kilograms. These are supplements ranging from general, providing us with nutritional value (vitamin supplements), to exo-energy products (adding energy and improving the thermogenesis of the body). The key to success is, of course, the diet, but the use of appropriate supplements will affect the accelerated pace of reduction.

What supplements to reduce body fat will work best? As we have already established above, these will not be high-calorie gainers. However, it is still worth using a protein supplement that will slow down muscle catabolism by providing them with the right dose of nutrients, so that the muscles will not shrink during weight loss. You cannot forget about vitamin supplements that will support your diet. During the reduction, the amount of calories consumed decreases, so it may turn out that your body receives too little nutrients, which will need to be supplemented with supplementation.

What specific reduction supplement to buy? Here are my suggestions:
* Creatine

It is a supplement used by most weightlifting athletes. So will it also work for reduction? Well, yes, and it can be classified as one of the most effective supplements. The main task of creatine during reduction is to protect against loss of strength and muscle mass, which could occur with a reduced amount of energy supply. Creatine will also help you maintain the right pace of training.

* Protein supplement Proteins are still very important for the athlete's body, also during reduction. When sculpting the figure, it is important to burn fat, not muscle, so you need to properly nourish your muscles and provide them with the required amount of protein. What's more, protein increases metabolism, which can directly help speed up the reduction process. If we want to reduce the amount of calories even more, the protein concentrate can be turned into a less caloric isolate.

* BCAA amino acids Branched BCAA amino acids, i.e. valine, leucine and isoleucine. In the reduction process, they are an excellent fuel for muscles, thanks to which we will be able to continue training intensively in the case of a caloric deficit. What's more, amino acids prevent muscle breakdown. BCAAs also intensify energy processes, thanks to which they contribute to weight reduction.

That is, measures that facilitate the adaptation of the body to the prevailing conditions. Their task is to support the athlete's nervous system, including reducing the level of stress, which may reduce the speed of fat loss. The most effective adaptogens are ashwagandha, gotu kola, and Chinese citrus.

* Fat burners That is, substances that directly affect the rate of fat burning by increasing the body's thermogenesis. Such supplements are usually blends of natural ingredients that work to support metabolism and increase body temperature. Most of these substances can also be used separately.

In conclusion, supplements are only a supplement to your diet and training. If you put them alone, it will have no effect. It seems to me that everything has already been clarified. Nothing else comes to mind. If you have any questions, write to my e-mail, I'm also on facebook, instagram and twitter.





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