17 June 2021
We've already discussed what supplements are when training. If you have not read, then I invite you to read in the Supplements tab you will find the article "Supplements - what are they?" Now I will tell you how they are divided and who they are for. I am not extending it anymore and will immediately get to the heart of the matter. The term supplements means supplementing the daily
15 June 2021
When you start exercising without a personal trainer, you can easily make many mistakes from the very beginning. Before starting any activities, first find out everything and consult with a specialist in the field. He should help you choose the right exercises to suit you. Today I am going to introduce you to 6 wrongs committed by novices. 1. At the beginning, the first mistake is to skip the warm-up.
14 June 2021
What is supplementation? In addition to the diet and a properly developed training plan, supplementation is the last component of the fat reduction process. At this stage, it's best to give up caloric gainers and replace the protein concentrate with a less caloric isolate. During the reduction, we can use various types of supplements whose task is to support the diet and help in stimulating the processes of burning kilograms.