17 June 2021
We've already discussed what supplements are when training. If you have not read, then I invite you to read in the Supplements tab you will find the article "Supplements - what are they?" Now I will tell you how they are divided and who they are for. I am not extending it anymore and will immediately get to the heart of the matter. The term supplements means supplementing the daily diet with the missing ingredients. However, during training and a
15 June 2021
When you start exercising without a personal trainer, you can easily make many mistakes from the very beginning. Before starting any activities, first find out everything and consult with a specialist in the field. He should help you choose the right exercises to suit you. Today I am going to introduce you to 6 wrongs committed by novices. 1. At the beginning, the first mistake is to skip the warm-up. Ahh why should I waste my strength warming up? I'd
14 June 2021
How to get motivated? Many people ask themselves this question. Today I will explain to you how you can gain motivation and achieve your dream figure. 1. Write down in points why you want to work on your body and what you will get out of it. It seems a bit childish, but why not try it if others are so motivated? You will surely find many reasons. Who, if not you, will look great on the beach in a