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15 June 2021

Diet mistakes


When we start a diet, or rather change our eating habits to healthy ones, we usually don't have much information. Even so, we are stubborn and stick to our weight loss resolutions. What may not end well. Knowing the most common mistakes, you will be able to exclude them, and thus lose weight and achieve success.

1. Fasting. The worst thing you can do while losing weight is to start a fast. Fasting is advisable, but you have to stick to certain rules. You need to prepare for it in advance, and the detox itself should not last longer than 2 days. More about fasting another time. Let's focus on the next mistake.

2. Unbalanced diet. Monodiet, excluding product groups, not providing all the necessary nutrients is something that needs to be paid attention to while losing weight. Deficiencies can lead to the weakening of the body, bouts of unrestrained hunger. They are dangerous to health and appearance (sallow skin, brittle nails, hair loss).

3. Irregular meals. When you eat at different times, the body stores any food it gains in the form of fat, because it does not know when it will receive the next dose of food. Therefore, it is better to eat at set times. For example: when you consume 1,500 kcal per day at uneven times, your metabolism will not only work slower, but also more calories will put into fat tissue for a rainy day than if you eat regularly.

4. Snacking and empty calories. Another important mistake in the diet is snacking between meals (high and low-calorie snacks) and consuming sweetened drinks. Snacking is not a healthy habit, it works the same as in point 2. However, sweetened juices are a caloric bomb for your body. Sweet juices consumed during the day can replace 1 healthy meal.

5. Drinking Too Little Water. The human body needs more than 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, depending on weight and height. Athletes and active people should consume up to 3 liters of drinks. Many people think that the water puts them on extra pounds, but that's not true. Water cleanses the body, provided that you are in good shape and do not consume large amounts of salt.

6. Bad attitude. You have decided to lose weight by the holidays. You are waiting impatiently until July begins to be able to eat your favorite desserts again. Does that mean nothing to you? Yo-yo effect guaranteed!

Diet should be your everyday life, not just for a while. Otherwise you will never lose weight for good. Because if you want success, you have to do things that are inconvenient for you. Bad habits in the diet can be counterproductive, but also cause various diseases. It's not everything ! Digestive problems, mood swings, obsession with food, lack of social life, weakened body, unsightly appearance of skin, nails and hair. Is it worth the risk? Don't take shortcuts as this is often the wrong way. It is worth putting in a little effort and then looking proudly in the mirror at your results.


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15 June 2021
15 June 2021