When we start a diet, or rather change our eating habits to healthy ones, we usually don't have much information. Even so, we are stubborn and stick to our weight loss resolutions. What may not end well. Knowing the most common mistakes, you will be able to exclude them, and thus lose weight and achieve success. 1. Fasting. The worst thing you can do while losing weight is to start a fast. Fasting is advisable, but you have to stick
1. Weight loss stereotypes 2. Change your attitude 3. Cleanse the body 4. Calculate BMI and demand 5. Stay motivated 1. Weight loss stereotypes  First of all, you have to forget about all the curiosities, news and miracle diets that you found on the web. Most of it is roller coaster, mostly diets. The only correct diet for weight loss or weight gain is healthy and rational nutrition. There is no miracle diet, which in 2 weeks will make you


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