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14 June 2021

6 beginner training tips

Training advice Workout, at home or at the gym? What exercises to do? Here are some tips for beginner fit freaks: P

1. When to start training? When is the best time to exercise? I am in a hurry to answer some bothering questions. TODAY. Why should you start Monday or the new month? How you can start today. There is no more suitable moment. So take your four letters and go to work. I guarantee you will like it.

2. It does not matter whether you plan to exercise at the gym or at home. It is important how you prepare for it. For starters, the most important things are an exercise mat (I recommend a yoga mat), good sports shoes that will not damage your ankles, and a bra, not an ordinary bra, but a sports bra.

3. When you start training, do not throw yourself into deep water immediately and do not use 10 kg of dumbbells or prolong training for up to 2 hours. If your muscles are not used to heavy exertion, you can overload them and even get serious injuries. Secondly, long and demanding training will demotivate you at the beginning of the adventure, which will make you quit very quickly.


4. Begin each workout with a thorough warm-up. Then, in the event that you are on a reduction, start your training with cardio and do it alternately with strength exercises. However, when gaining weight and you do not need to lose weight, do as much strength as possible and limit your cardio. Finally, do stretching in both cases! This is just as important as the warm-up, so take care.

5. The frequency of exercise matters. Don't go crazy with frequent workouts at first, but also don't do them too rarely. The optimal amount for amateurs is 2 - 3 times a week. Over time, when you feel that you do little, do little more often. Remember that the max is 5x a week. Muscles also need time to recover. It is the same with the time you spend on training. In the first stage, plan short, medium-intensity workouts using your own body or very light dumbbells. Give yourself 20 minutes to start, and then add 5 minutes a day. Stop when your sweating time reaches 1.5 or even 2 hours.

6. Measuring the effects. Probably the first thing that came to your mind is weight. Well no. A weight is a very illusory device. Measure your effects, don't weigh. Write down your waist, biceps, bust, hip, thigh and calf measurements on a notebook with the measuring date. Update your log every two weeks luc every month. I guarantee that by looking at the results you will have more and more motivation and pleasure in what you do.

That's all my exercise advice. Choose what is most suitable for you and what to do! I keep my fingers crossed for you.

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